Headhunting, Recruitment and Executive Search in Germany

Professional, effective, confidential Search for foreign clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and all over Europe.

HSH+S is one of the best-awarded headhunters in Germany! In expertise and customer satisfaction HSH+S is among the top five. Since 1994 HSH+S Headhunters search for Talents – with a success rate of >95% in all recruitments since 2004. That’s very unique in recruitment services. A confidential, competent, personal care and constant reporting give security.

We headhunt for performers and achievers – the talented local managers. Most of our clients want to increase local market share with bilingual German-English or multilingual talent who has already a clear track record in their national market.

Headhunter in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Our target is to find candidates who will perform well in accordance with the business culture of our client.

When expanding overseas, many companies do not know how and where to find talented and success oriented local managers to manage their business. We see Germany, Switzerland and Austria as a part of the European unity. HSH+S approach is to avoid risks for the foreign client. Therefore, we search for applicants, who are sensitive to both cultures. We also search for entrepreneurial spirit and whenever possible, we try to find candidates with long term orientation, because in our culture, these candidates own the best track records in the past.


Success Rate
since 2004

With a success rate of more than 95% in all recruitments,
that’s very unique in the recruitment services business. Test us

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