Choose very wise(ly) or pay twice – professional Headhunters are no mythical creatures

Andreas U.

Dear HR Manager of a branch in Germany,

I‘m sure you do want to recruit an extraordinary performer – not just an average candidate. Because you have decided previously to invest into an interesting and powerful market.

If this was my responsibility, I would like to have a look behind the scenes. “Backstage” you should find out and compare, who tells you hot air and who of the potential business partners is not only sharp as a tack moreover has a trump in his sleeve.

In other areas of life you are comparing all the time. So why should you rely on recruiters, who sent the same CVs to every company in their database? Take the best and be not reserved, when you get an appropriate and attractive product, you deserve. That means the smart, reliant and involved new Manager, who brings you an added value and nothing else.

I assume you know your criteria’s very well and you know what is black listed too. If you are on a lookout for a “bargain”, make sure your partner represent your needs and your assets.

However, please allow me to mention, if we talk about hiring a supposed cheaper employee (via contingency recruitment) you should be aware of the consequences and third costs, if the plan fails. Then you may have confused clients and colleagues, additionally you have to invest in further trainings, compensate the know-how-loss, overload or higher absence rates, going to invest in a new search and maybe you have reservations within new target candidates or possibly at the customers side.

A professional Headhunter is capable to read between the lines and gives advice. Especially when the topic of the day is revenue or market share you shouldn´t make compromises. When you are in a tough and competitive environment – there is a demand of entrepreneurial spirit requested in combination with ambition and passionate team players. I guess that weak followers are not on your list.

Anyway, may I give you a short impression of my world?

We will be happy to give you an insight – already during your planning stage. We are going to be pleased if you take a Headhunter into consideration and request the necessary information regarding the project elements, the main pillars of the search concept as well as the entire strategy, which we evaluate and develop together.

Just to share two examples with you: (Once upon a time) there was an Italian Company, which have invested into the German market as well as a Global Player from the US, which was interested in regional support as well. One of them was in the automotive- and engineering industry; the other client was in the field of consumer markets. Both well-known brands had been dissatisfied by former recruiters, who spoke worthy and well. Finally, and after some months the clients stood without solutions and also candidates – strongly shaken and uncertain regarding the recruitment partner. Upfront the recruiters presented candidates out of the existing networks and databases, mainly job-hoppers without any track record and change motivation. It had been a mess and some quit.

Temporarily about two and six years later both clients are Key-Accounts of us and got their experienced “seniors” from the market gained over our direct approach. I am happy telling you that we work together til today. It is a real partnership based on trust, honesty and hard work – anything but superficial.

At a glance: Meanwhile HSH+S has been accompanying medium sized companies as well as international brands with subsidiaries across the globe for above 25 years. Due to all of our background’s our main pillars are functions in management, sales and engineering.

Therefore, please don’t hesitate to ask for our strategy, the search channels or contact platforms, the tailor-made approach we would decide, the market analysis, the benchmark or the sound experience in your business field or industry. I am convinced we can help you and furthermore I assume you will be positively surprised. Our success justifies our confidence and is motivating me day by day. I am proud to do one´s bit regarding to our above-average placement rate and we want to give something back – sustainability is a major personal concern of me.

Last but not least please allow me to quote: “What does not cost anything isn’t worth a tinkers cuss.” This means not necessarily to be expensive but please with significance. I would appreciate an initial exchange.

Many regards, Andreas

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