About HSH+S Executive Search

From Strategy to professional Recruitment

When Alexander R. Reiter developed the company from a strategy consultancy with a recruitment-add-on to a professional headhunter at the turn of the millennium, “security” was paramount. That’s why, to this day, HSH+S has been presenting not only one top candidate within an executive search but a selection of up to three and more at the same time – exceptionally qualified managerial competence. Each of our candidates is individual since they are in a position to sustainably raise the value of the company and they bring with them a motivation, which is both entrepreneurial and long-term.

Internationally Active

As an internationally active Executive Search company, HSH+S focusses on seeking and selecting managers with an emphasis on sales, technology or finance. For every single commission, we achieve our aim of always uncompromisingly attaining managers who are the most qualified at the time in 98% of all cases – our success rate in filling positions is a demonstrable testimonial amongst qualified personnel consultancy companies.


For many years, HSH+S Executive Search has been searching on every continent. From Europe to Russia, from Asia to America, we cooperate worldwide with selected partners in personnel consultancy. We pick these out individually for every functional area and every sector. Assessments and aptitude tests with an intercultural focus can therefore also be integrated into the selection if required, as well as existing staff, who apply for our clients’ internal advertisements.

Long-term Thinking

Not just because of our origin as a strategy consultancy company, we consider our task to be a long-term one. We, therefore, assess personnel consultancy strategically, we consult beyond the mere executive search and, as part of our collaboration, we improve the desirability of our clients.


HSH+S is independent of the interests of third parties or the forces of the capital market. We are solely committed to our goal of successfully filling positions. Even though our fee depends upon the salary of the employee to be sought – in Executive Search, we agree upon a fixed fee where possible, which depends upon the environment, the task and the effort involved in the search.


The following additional offers can be found on the main page of HSH+S personnel consultancy: Corporate governance, employer-branding, succession advice, compensation consultancy, personal privacy, reputation management, assessment, moderation and coaching, advertising marketing and many more.