Actions in Executive Search

Luck or chance?

It’s not a question of salary when it comes to wanting to find particularly “good” managers. A professional executive search process is fundamentally different from an approach which is based on luck and chance, in the same way that professionally managed companies stand out clearly from the competition.

Good, long-term oriented executives

HSH+S Executive Search often carry out searches on behalf of smaller businesses, and they can, therefore, judge what is important when choosing the right managerial staff. Good, long-term oriented Executives undoubtedly achieve better results. The sustained success that often goes along with this, benefits the owner.

Vision and charisma as a focus of our executive search actions

A large number of shareholders still rely upon less suitable top management staff without knowing the risks associated with this.

Managers without vision, without charisma, without that entrepreneurial gene can very quickly put even a long-standing successful company on unstable ground. To prevent this, we – HSH+S Executive Search – look for the best available leadership character for a specific task. Once found, we evaluate this person and then try to motivate him or her towards a change – nothing more, nothing less.

Executive Search process

A proven search process with an extremely high success rate, which has been refined over many years, conducted by our experienced Executive Search consultants, provides security:

  • Based on a briefing lasting several hours, we define the basic requirements in an ideal profile – depending on colleagues, teams and employees, but also on the supervisory board and the capital side. This also includes decisive so-called “soft skills”, which the ideal candidate should have.
  • Potential candidates are then only addressed by the headhunter responsible – this is a matter of course for us, as this is the crucial step in every executive search project. Only the HSH+S Executive Search headhunter, who was informed in the briefing, has the background knowledge required to give competent, spontaneous and purposeful information. He alone is in a position to assess what motivation the addressee might have.
  • In the following analysis procedure, the headhunter checks whether the target person can successfully assume the role. Not only does he analyze formal criteria such as career, education and leadership style but he also openly discusses personal goals and aspirations with the candidate. This results in a personality profile, which allows conclusions about the likelihood of success in the specific task.
  • If it is possible and safe to do so at this point, the HSH+S Executive Search Headhunter also checks appropriate references.

Growing complexity in Executive Search

In the future, the executive search and selection of suitable candidates will become more costly and the time required by the headhunter will become greater. This is due to on-going dynamics of change, more complex organizations, a global market, and international competition – even for talented, demonstrably successful managers.

Professional consulting and search

For many years, HSH+S Executive Search has been prepared for this challenge. We respond to demanding job requirements with a higher time commitment, adjusted to meet the ideal profile, an intensive consultation with our clients and a professional consultation and search.

A person of trust

In the competition for the best talent, the speed of the HSH+S Executive Search process is a great advantage. There are almost always a number of good alternatives for a top candidate – in this respect, the Executive Search Consultant is a representative of both sides during the critical phase of the presentation until the conclusion of the contract, acting as a moderator between candidate and client.