C-Level Executive Search

Selection of a chairman

If the company or the owner has long-term goals, the suitable search and the appropriate selection of a chairman or managing director is a difficult and challenging decision for the supervisory board. Often determined by a few members, different characters and ideas come into conflict, sometimes as late as the presentation during the final rounds.

Different perspectives

It is of little importance that a supervisory board or an advisory board is rarely involved in filling such a position and is therefore less experienced – much more important are the different perspectives encountered, both personally as well as professionally.

Transparent search process

HSH+S Executive Search pays particular attention to offering a confident and coordinated search. In order to avoid uncertainty and differences in conceptions, we perform the search process as transparently as possible. Ideally, not only the owner but also the majority of the supervisory board or advisory board are involved. Provided that the decision-making body is informed of the ideal profile of the desired candidate from the very beginning, a search can almost always be completed quickly and successfully.

Growing complexity

Every year, HSH+S fills numerous management positions on a regular and international basis. Owing to the often challenging tasks and negotiation partners, only very experienced HSH+S Executive Search Consultants carry out the search for C-levels or managing directors.

CEO selection

The selection of a new chairman is different from filling any other position, particularly due to the necessary confidentiality. The effect of a premature disclosure could have both external and internal effects. Externally, it could lead to a great need for public clarification to customers, the media or partners, and internally it could have a major impact on the organization and motivation of colleagues and employees.

A person of trust

The confidential team at HSH+S Executive Search guarantees the utmost confidentiality for the duration of the active search. On the basis of a telephone call, a personal face-to-face interview is arranged. This serves as an introduction to the HSH+S consultant but also to outline the situation and the task. We look forward to your call.