Executive Search of Supervisory Board Members

Sustainability, Compliance and Corporate Governance

In many respects, the search for a suitable supervisory board resembles the search for a company management function. In order to appropriately evaluate and fill a role in a regulatory body, the HSH+S Executive Search Partner responsible requires a deep understanding of the business processes and a realistic assessment of future market developments. His sensitivity and understanding of the position and responsibility of the regulatory body in terms of sustainability, compliance and corporate governance also plays an important role.

HSH+S Executive Search for Supervisory Boards Members:

  • A national and international search for supervisory boards or advisory boards.
  • Analysis, development and supplementing of active supervisory boards.
  • Individual consultancy for family-owned businesses in setting up an advisory board.

Qualification and experience

The continuing discussion of the right choice and composition of a supervisory or advisory board and the related corporate governance regulations should reinforce the need to only select supervisory boards with personal suitability. Credibility, image, and sustainability also play an important role.

The role of HSH+S Executive Search

For HSH+S Consultants, it is not their “personal network” which takes priority in the search for and selection of a supervisory board, but rather their professional aptitude and their personality, independence and reliability. The examination of CVs and references is the emphasis of our considerations as well as current activities and clients. We only recommend a supervisory board member to our clients if it can be guaranteed that, alongside professional aptitude, the supervisory board member also has the time required, as well as coaching and moderation skills.

In this context, we also examine the composition of the consulting board and the current structure of the board with the aim of ideally complementing existing gaps in knowledge or skills if possible. Within the framework of such a search, HSH+S Executive Search compiles an “optimal aptitude profile” based on the existing members of the management and the supervisory board, as well as the industry, business goals, and the competitive environment. Last but not least, the corporate governance, i.e. the cooperation between the supervisory board and the management board is taken into consideration.

Here, the HSH+S Executive Search Consultant can draw upon comprehensive instruments and research tools. In this context, personality and experience also guarantee an open, personal and comprehensive consultation at the highest level.