Expat or native – international recruitment without compromises!

50 % of companies search for professionals also in other countries. Almost 15 % still think this is not an appropriate source. Most of them just do not know how to start, cannot imagine the process or has stopped this option after a few bad experiences, sometimes with headhunters and recruiters.

But where are the differences, benefits and chances of success by working with a professional executive search company?

International research means to search for

  • an employee that can work in an international environment, with international clients or travelling around the world
  • an employee from another country for a job at your foreign location in his home country
  • an employee from another country to work at your company
  • an employee from your country to work at your foreign location somewhere else
  • an employee from another country to be based at your location but travel a lot to his home country as a representative

What kind of challenges does international research create for HR?

First of all, you need to be able to find a trustful and secure recruitment partner. Most HR are not able to travel in person to other countries and meet candidates or do necessary research on the market. This means you have to trust on the results of somebody else. Language is another issue. To use words that sounds like the foreign language doesn’t mean to speak this language or to be understood the right way and culturally correct. And there are a lot of more things to take care of.

Let us have a deeper look at the needs of international recruitments by the example of searching for expatriates.

Which kind of specialists get expatriates? Women and men were sent equally as specialists to other countries and company locations, 80% have a university degree. But only around 30% is single and free in its decisions. Most of the expatriate candidates not only think about the shown career opportunity, they also think about the career of their partner and the impacts to their family. (demographic information of 2018).

The most reasons people become an expatriate are because they hope for a better quality of life, they felt in love with someone or they feel like the offered vacancy is an exceptionally well-matching job to their wishes, experience and knowledge. If we focus on being an expatriate in Germany “moved for love” is the reason number one. Think about this topic! Are this all subjects you can identify in a usual CV or something you talk about easily with anybody? No! A short conversation by phone, a look at the CV or a message by social media will not make it – you need a real personal and appreciative candidate handling.

As a result, for a recruitment or executive search it is not enough to focus on the qualification and personality of the candidates. You must check on the familiar background, the plans and personality of all affected persons and you must deal with all of their uncertainties and wishes. This kind of research is not only extensive and complex, you also need a lot more skills than just industry expertise. Intercultural experience, business psychology and long-term experience with specialists are absolutely essential. By working on a success-based contract, professional headhunters are not able to provide this kind of service – it also would be their economic ruin. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider a success-based recruitment. Without investing time, they are not able to find out the real wishes and targets a perfect fitting candidate has. So candidates found via Contingency Search will always be a compromise and full of long-term uncertainties.

There is nothing more annoying and expensive than a signed contract with an expatriate who leaves the company after a few month because his family force him to move back where they come from or because the work environment and living conditions are not what he was imagine. Let us call this a fast staffing with protracted costly consequences. Not talking about the bad effects to business partners and colleagues when there is a permanently change in their contact person.

Security for the staffing and concluding a long-term growing successful business is only possible with a professional recruitment process by an employment contract.

Especially if you sensitize yourself that your recruitment partner is the first impression the candidates get from you and your company. Shouldn`t this be appreciative, respectful and high quality to differentiate your offer from the other hundreds of contact requests a professional has to handle every month? Yes, it should! Particularly while finding your perfect candidate, your long-term employee, the true best solution and not a compromise. This is what is priceless for you and your company – and for us as a professional recruitment company the goal of cooperation with our clients.

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