Recruiting in Germany

“Management consultant, recruiting agency, executive search, headhunter, human resource consulting, executive consultant, recruiter, personnel agency, recruitment agency, human resource service agency or personnel service agency.” In German speaking countries, terminology inflation for human resource services sometimes is responsible for a high degree of uncertainty, since the terms are not lawfully defined.

Many agencies are working on a success-related basis and are trying to minimize their efforts using standardized databases, often to fill an unlimited type of lower positions. Larger recruiters are scanning CVs arriving via e-mail for key words and competencies electronically to get them automatically short-listed. We, on the other hand, set our goal to find “Human Capital”, to optimally fill the position for your individual business, targets and company. We therefore read through every CV personally. We are looking for real entrepreneurs – success oriented, loyal and faithful.

In our business, size doesn’t matter. A sometimes important advantage of small teams is, that they are able to guarantee full confidentiality. We are using outsourced partners for special requirements such as fast broad researches and legal, financial or deep market knowledge.

Therefore we are able to guarantee the support of only up to three clients of one sector to avoid our conflict of interests.

Increase the Certainty of your Decision

You have to decide for yourself how high it is, the risk of an unsuitable hire or an unsuitable development. The more important the function and position is for your company, the more you should get competent support in recruiting qualified experts and managers through HSH+S Recruiters and Headhunters.

The industrial manufacturing and distribution sectors have experienced incredible changes in recent years, both culturally, personally and through new technological advancements. In order to remain competitive, businesses have to think strategically about their products and services but more than that, about their staff. The competition for sales talent, technical skills, experience and leadership is intense.

The decision to hire a candidate is always associated with a degree of uncertainty. Our experience in recruiting and finding talents combined with on-the-job experiences increases the certainty of your decision. We have always found highly qualified candidates with innovative ideas, motivation and power that have met our clients needs. Let us come together and find out, what we can do for you and your business in recruiting and headhunting in the German speaking countries.

Test us, trust us.