Facts about Germany

Did you know that about Germany

The German economy is a major source of mechanical engineering. Additionally many leading industries are developing measurements, aerospace, radio technology and combustion engines. The chemical, pharmaceutical and polymer companies are very often innovation leaders, as is the electromechanical, electrical and electronics sector. Even the packaging, logistics, IT and also the Biotech markets have grown to a strong importance.

German employees’ high standard of education, knowledge and skills is internationally recognized.

Germany – did you know that …

  • “Made in Germany” was introduced in England in 1887. The intention was to protect the British Empire by discriminating against German goods. What started as a punitive label soon became exactly the opposite, though – a sign of superior quality the world over recognize to this day.
  • Germany has more universities than any other country in Europe.© HSH+S, FT, Germany
  • “Land of Ideas” is a joint initiative of the German government and Commerce and Industry. Its aim is to promote a positive image of Germany at home and abroad.
  • 4 of the world’s 10 most innovative companies are German.
  • Germany has the most world market leaders, more than 1,500 companies are world-renowned in B2B, including 150 corporations and 1,350 medium-sized companies.
  • German companies and institutions register a new patent every 20 minutes at the European Patent Office and have registered more biotech patents than any other European nation.© HSH+S, FT, Germany
  • 25 % of the world’s laser systems are built in Germany.
  • “Mittelstand” refers the small- and mid-sized business regarded as the backbone of the German economy. Often family-owned, Mittelstand firms employ no more than 499 people and generate annual revenues no greater than 50 million Euro.
  • Germany leads the world in trade in research-intensive goods, along with the USA.
  • Germans often describe their economic system as a “social market economy.” Under such a system, the government provides an array of social services to its citizens and subsidies to selected sectors while also promoting competition and free enterprise.

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