Executive Headhunting

Our Headhunters in the field of Executive Search are supported by research specialists and capabilities which enable them to identify, attract and motivate high potentials from all sectors. An important advantage is, that all of our Executive Headhunters possess serious work experience on responsible operative jobs in different functions and sectors including sales, engineering and finance.

But – we are not searching for single recruitments, we prefer clients, who’s target is to build up a partnership with us, a reliable, professional, experienced and trustworthy executive headhunter.

Starting a search, we usually get and gather all necessary information personally to get a very good knowledge of our client, the market, competition, products, organization and his targets. This is getting more and more important not only because of the growing importance of motivating targeted candidates. So we are not administrating databases of applicants – we are cultivating up-to-date databases with Talents, Potentials and Performers.

Headhunting for Executives

With our high competence and networks, we are a 1st choice for global companies and investment companies.

Not only that we are selecting entrepreneurial thinking talents, we are also providing information about management and board members of almost all major German stock market companies, second and third line management potentials included. Also with regional and national banks, financial services, venture capital companies and funds, additionally HSH+S Executive Headhunters interact with regional legal experts such as consultants, accountants, lawyers and sector specialists.

For investing clients we enable conversations between shareholders, management teams and professionals, giving all parties the opportunity to exchange their thoughts on chances and market trends – even in a preparatory stage.

With the high time investment in getting deep in a new clients company, branch and market – especially in the first projects – the headhunting results are even getting better, as longer and deeper our knowledge of the clients targets and wishes is. Our success is the perfect fitting candidate, in your investment, team, company and market.

HSH+S Headhunters have always found and motivated highly qualified Executives with innovative ideas and power that have met our clients changing needs. Let us come together and find out, what we can do for you and your business in recruiting and headhunting executives in the German speaking countries.

Test us, trust us.