Headhunter Germany

Partner and adviser

We see ourselves not only as our clients’ partners and consultants but also with respect to our candidates – in Headhunting and Executive Search in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our consultants are part of a team and are committed to honest, respectable and confident consultancy.

Headhunter – not just theorists

We always try to select the most appropriate and competent Headhunter to understand the goals of the client in Germany. Our Headhunters also have a high level of social competence. They are not theorists, but know from their own operative experience the challenges faced by businesses every day. For the benefit of confidentiality and the most in-depth background knowledge, we usually conduct initial interviews on a one-to-one basis.

Fully-responsible approach not only in Germany

The advantages of this fully responsible approach are a number of simultaneous positive arguments for our clients: no internal competition is created, information gaps do not arise, and there is no risk that the replacement could be leaked in advance. Since the responsibility and the search lie in the hands of a single and entirely responsible Headhunter and since he has access to all instruments, tools and employees, he is the competent contact for our clients during the entire search process in Germany and abroad.

Those Headhunter who stop improving have stopped being excellent

We have taken this motto to heart. Every year, HSH+S invests in the external training and personal development of its employees. Internal training courses also improve processes, promote creativity and transport expertise. It is our regular exchanges and an open, transparent information policy which create our HSH+S team spirit, which is unique to us. The resulting corporate culture leads to higher loyalty and therefore, to a great benefit to our clients, namely the profound, trusting and lasting partnership between an HSH+S Headhunter and his and our clients, without constantly changing contact persons or faces.

From briefing to finish in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The HSH+S Headhunter is personally responsible for the successful implementation of an headhunting project in Germany or every other country. He is in charge of the full scope of the headhunting process from the briefing stage, right through to its conclusion.

12 month guarantee – for security

Not only does our success rate in filling positions provide security and obligation – our guarantee, which lasts up to 12 months, will also ensure high-quality, professional headhunting and recruitment even in the executive search. Give us a try and entrust us with a pilot project.