Recruitment Process

HSH+S Recruitment has handled many recruitments in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for international clients and in different industry sectors.

Our recruitment process is based on the direct approach to candidates, supported by direct research methods – executive search, headhunting, as well as traditional recruiting – using additional advertisements in online and offline media and constantly updated databases.

Every recruitment process is individually developed, it provides a clear overview of the single steps of the search from the very beginning.

A short weekly intermittent report keeps the client automatically up-to-date.

The HSH+S Recruitment Process – what YOU see is what YOU get

  • Recruitment Strategy and Concept
  • Market potential analysis (option)
  • Recruitment Timetable
  • Ideal candidate profile
  • Target list of companies (option)
  • On- and Offline Media – effective solutions
  • Advertisements for different targets
  • Pre-Screening and headhunting (option)
  • Assessments (education, career, credentials, references)
  • Personal Interviews based on short pre-calls
  • The-three-best out of >100, based on the ideal profile
  • Reference-Check & Recommendation
  • Moderation and Coaching

Our target is to present to our client at the end of a recruitment process between 2-4 highly talented, competent and motivated Candidates who all would be able to be successful in the role – so you as a client can concentrate on your feelings.

Process of a Recruitment Project

Briefing and Research

Once we have collected information about the market, the company, the products, the team, maybe also the competition, jointly with our client we develop an ideal candidate profile. The profile contains information about: necessary competencies, required experience, the scope of responsibilities, position in the corporate structure, knowledge of foreign languages, remuneration package, type of employment and more.© HSH+S, FT, Germany

Application preliminary selection

After selecting a recruitment method we develop and realize the media, such as research tools, database-access, advertisements or concept work, and/or we are developing the target list of companies and or possible candidates. After getting in touch via phone and mail we analyze the applications for preliminary consideration and selection. © HSH+S, FT, Germany

Interview / In-Depth interview

We carry out phone and face2face interviews with the candidates targeted in the preliminary selection. The interviews aim is to find out the character of the applicant, his personality, more details about his motivation, his experiences, such as competencies in a certain field and acquired skills. Additionally his personal situation with family, hobbies and private life.

Another interview objective is to assess the candidate whether he fits for the job in terms of psychological profile, intelligence, soft skills and features of his character.

Competence tests (optional)

We may verify and evaluate skills defined in the profile including testing of the candidate’s writing and speaking skills in foreign languages.© HSH+S, FT, Germany

Additionally, upon the client’s request, we may carry out a series of a specially selected psychological test to deepen the knowledge on the candidate. Based on in-depth analysis of results we may define both various aspects of the intellectual, cognitive and social activity of the candidate.

Candidate presentation

Based on all information gathered during the previous phases, we select and present to the client these 2-4 candidates who match with the profile at its best. We develop a detailed description of qualifications and skills, predisposition to a certain profession or occupation, position fit, as well as we provide a summary listing strengths and weaknesses.© HSH+S, FT, Germany

Most important information or successes learned through an interview we verify through checking of references after the client preference.


We assume an obligation to present more candidates to the client if the hired candidate retires. For each candidate selected by us and employed by the client, we offer a minimum of a three-month guarantee, which can be extended to 12 months for a small additional fee.

A long common path begins with the first step. We look forward to the opportunity. Let us come together and find out, what we can do for you and your business in recruiting and headhunting in German-speaking countries.

Test us, trust us.