Talent Recruitment

Performers of tomorrow

HSH+S supports not only huge but also medium-sized companies as well as family-owned companies in internal searches for talent or for the company’s top performers of the future.

From individual aptitude analyses to medium-term and long-term management appraisals (assessment geared toward managerial staff) to personal coaching, HSH+S supports the identification of the talent and top performers of tomorrow.

In the following cases, talent recruitment is the first choice

  • If several employees come into question for the same position
  • In the event of an upcoming succession in a family-owned business
  • In the event of poor corporate development in comparison with the market
  • In the event of M&A, if decisive key positions need to be filled
  • In the event of routine benchmarking comparisons or best practice analyses

HSH+S talent management includes assessment and analysis tools suitable for the task, with which we can advise our clients individually.

A good succession is planned

A succession needs to be planned. It is not only the “original owner” but also the junior staff or the co-owner who has wishes and ideas. If “talent” is adopted properly, a successor can come in smoothly and the company can even undergo very rapid development. Achieving this, reconciling the objectives of both parties, while keeping top performers and talents motivated and adapting remuneration models to the current market situation are part of the services we offer. We moderate not only succession in family-owned businesses, but more often, in a change of ownership.

Astonished mandators

We are no longer surprised if clients are amazed and recognize that they have talent, whose performance they have not sufficiently recognized, or that they have even misinterpreted. By means of an HSH+S appraisal, we frequently discover talent that previously went unnoticed. Even if you are wondering who on your managerial staff is able to optimally implement a new strategy, we can help to provide security for your instinct, to dispel it or give you suggestions. Even in selecting a suitable successor for a retiring head of a department, HSH+S talent management uses individual assessment instruments to compile suitability profiles of eligible employees.

Do you have enough leadership quality within your management or are you not even aware of your high potential? Ask us, put us to the test.